Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Monday, 18 May 2015

Roles and Responsibilities

 NameRoleDescribe the Role in detail, including how you could contribute effectively to the project
 Name  Abdul RahimOverall In-charge(sketch-up)
 Name Keane TanIn-charge of the slides
 NameJun HweeSketch-up animated/maker
 Name Yong KangGoogle Sketch-up
 Name ElvisGoogle spreadsheet

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Things to do

Try to complete 1 to 5 within this week such that we will have more time if we face more problems

  1. Go through the requirements for AA
  2. Do a simple planning of what house would look like
  3. What and how many rooms would have
  4. Types of floor tiles and wall
  5. Colour of wall
  6. Assign task
  7. Do work 
Comment below for a date, venue & time for discussion

Mathematics Alternative Assessment II

Adapted from Google Sites:

The submission date is Monday 24 Aug 2359 hours hours.

Design an Eco-house that meets the following requirements
  • It comprises of flooring, walls and roof
  • It is built for a family of 4 (2 parents + 1 Lower Sec + 1 Upper Sec of the same gender) 
  • It is on a land plot of size 120 square metres. 
  • You should spend within a budget of SGD$200,000. 
Other information:
  • Assume cost of environmentally sustainable hardwood to be $15/square metre 
  • Assume cost of laminated glass to be $20/square metre
  • There is no need to budget for furniture, lighting etc, but extra credit will be awarded for incorporating these items into your design
Google Sketchup working file
Submit 1x copy of your working file in the blog. 
Your prototype will be graded based on aesthetics, functionality and attention to detail. 
There must be a minimum of:
  • 2 bedrooms 
  • 1 bathroom
  • 1 kitchen 
  • 1 communal space (living / dining room) in your prototype. 
Your design, layout and items should be in proportion i.e. table should not be taller than a human etc. 
Optional: You may choose to submit a scale replica of your actual prototype using LEGO for extra credit. 
Good models will be exhibited at school events. 
Submit 1x copy of your spreadsheet in the blog. 
It should clearly show the cost breakdown of all materials used. 
Your spreadsheet will be graded based on your calculation accuracy, ICT skills and ability to keep within budget.
Google Slides to pitch idea to an audience
Submit 1x copy of your slides in the blog. 
All group members are to make a 5 minute product pitch in total to justify the sustainability and rationale of your design. 
Google Form for individual reflections  
This is an individual task
Submit 1x response each, reflecting on the personal and team effectiveness during the project. 
Product pitchInteresting, well-rehearsed with smooth delivery that holds audience attention.Relatively interesting, rehearsed with a fairly smooth delivery that usually holds audience attention.Delivery not smooth, but able to hold audience attention most of the time.Delivery not smooth and audience attention lost.
Google slidesEngaging content, good pitch and prototype shown that holds audience attention.Rehearsed with fairly smooth delivery that holds audience attention most of the time.Slides lack in-depth analysis and are satisfactorily engaging.Slides are not engaging with minimal quality.
Google Sketchup prototypeCovers topic in-depth with details and examples. Subject knowledge is excellent.Includes essential knowledge about the topic. Subject knowledge appears to be good.Includes essential information about the topic but there are 1-2 factual errors.Content is minimal OR there are several factual errors.
Google Sheets budget analysisContent is well organised using headings or bulleted lists to group related material. Spreadsheet functions and ICT skills are comprehensive.Uses headings or bulleted lists to organise. Satisfactory use of ICT skills.ICT skills are ineffective / belaboured.There was no clear or logical organisational structure, just lots of figures. Spreadsheet functions are inaccurate.
Google forms self-reflectionThe workload is divided and shared equally by all team members. Insightful reflections on contributions in the group.The workload is divided and shared by all team members with varying amounts. Insightful reflections on contributions in the group.The workload was divided, but one person in the group is viewed as not doing his/her fair share of the work.The workload was not divided OR several people in the group are viewed as not doing their fair share of the work OR there is no insight into personal contributions.